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  • Beka, Thomas Ibsa; Smirnov, Maxim; Birkelund, Yngve; Senger, Kim; Bergh, Steffen G. Analysis and 3D inversion of magnetotelluric crooked profile data from central Svalbard for geothermal application. Tectonophysics 2016. ISSN 0040-1951.s doi: 10.1016/j.tecto.2016.07.024.

  • Beka, Thomas Ibsa; Smirnov, Maxim; Bergh, Steffen G; Birkelund, Yngve. The First Magnetotelluric Image of the Lithospheric-Scale Geological Architecture in Central Svalbard, Arctic Norway. (fulltekst) Polar Research 2015; Volum 34 (26766). ISSN 0800-0395.s doi: 10.3402/polar.v34.26766.

  • Nizar, Krystal; Uhlirova, Hana; Tian, Peifang; Saisan, Payam A.; Cheng, Qun; Reznichenko, Lidia; Weldy, Kimberly L.; Steed, Tyler C.; Sridhar, Vishnu B.; MacDonald, Christopher L.; Cui, Jianxia; Gratiy, Sergey L.; Sakadzic, Sava; Boas, David A.; Beka, Thomas Ibsa; Einevoll, Gaute Tomas; Chen, Ju; Masliah, Eliezer; Dale, Anders M.; Silva, Gabriel A.; Devor, Anna. In vivo Stimulus-Induced Vasodilation Occurs without IP3 Receptor Activation and May Precede Astrocytic Calcium Increase. Journal of Neuroscience 2013; Volum 33 (19). ISSN 0270-6474.s 8411 - 8422.s doi: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.3285-12.2013.

  • Beka, Thomas Ibsa; Smirnov, Maxim; Birkelund, Yngve. Reconnaissance Geothermal Resource Assessment Using Magnetotelluric Imaging on Svalbard, Norway. World Geothermal Congress 2015-04-19 - 2015-04-24 2015.

  • Beka, Thomas Ibsa; Smirnov, Maxim; Birkelund, Yngve. Magnetotelluric imaging on Svalbard: Fitting data having anisotropic behavior with 3D inversion. 22nd EM Induction Workshop 2014-08-24 - 2014-08-30 2014.

  • Beka, Thomas Ibsa; Birkelund, Yngve; Smirnov, Maxim. Correlating magnetotelluric sounding with borehole data for geothermal parameter characterization in Sulitjelma area, Norway. Proceedings of the European Geothermal Congress, ISBN 978-2-8052-0226-1 2013-06-03 - 2013-06-07 2013.

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