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Soininen, Eeva Marjatta

Arktisk og marin biologi


  • Trophic interactions, especially plant herbivore interactions in a food web context

    • herbivore driven changes of vegetation - and vegetation traits maintained by herbivory
    • vegetation impacts on herbivore resource use, feeding ecology and population dynamics
  • Tundra foodweb and ecosystem dynamics - in the context of changing arctic
  • Development and testing of methodology for plant-herbivore interaction studies


I am research coordinator of the  Climate ecological Observatory for Arctic Tundra (COAT). COAT is a long-term adaptive ecosystem monitoring initiative, based on food-web theory. It aims to become the world’s most comprehensive and management relevant long-term research enterprise for arctic terrestrial ecosystems. A peer reviewed science plan for COAT has been published as an issue of the Fram Centre report series. Project leader: Rolf A. Ims.

I also lead the COAT research package “small rodent module”. This module of COAT has emphasis on climate impacts on small rodent population dynamics and the consequences of expected changes to the tundra food web.  

Other ongoing projects:

COATTools – is a method development project related to methods relevant for COAT, with focus in informatics, physics, statistics and didactics. Project leader: Nigel G. Yoccoz.

The status of evidence for herbivory in Arctic tundra ecosystems - A protocol for a systematic map. The project is a first step towards a circumpolar assessment of the status of current knowledge and evidence on the effects of herbivores on Arctic vegetation.

Small rodents, climate, and changes in trophic dynamics (together with Jane Jepsen and Nina Eide, Norwegian Institute for Nature Research, NINA, Rolf Ims UiT The Arctic University of Tromsø). The project is a workpackage within the "Direct and indirect effects of climate change on ecological processess in freshwater and on land" project of NINA. We use data from small rodent population dynamic time-series, landscape composition and snow conditions to do a macroecological analysis on small rodent population dynamics.

Previous projects:

Svalbard Ptarmigan - old data with new insight (project leaders: Åshild Pedersen and Eva Fuglei, Norwegian Polar Institute).

"Feeding ecology of Canadian lemmings" (in collaboration with prof. Gilles Gauthier, Universite Laval, and prof. Dominique Berteaux, Universite du Quebec a Rimouski).

"Interactions between small rodents and their food plants in tundra habitats" (PhD)

Biografiske data

PhD, University of Tromsø, 2012

MSc, University of Helsinki, 2006

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Lecture and seminars on plant-herbivore interactions on the course BIO-3013/BIO-8016 Ecology of northern food webs

Arbeider i CRIStin

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