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De Lucia, Vito

PostDoc Fellow
Det juridiske fakultet


My most immediate research interests are located at the intersection of critical theory, law and ecology, with particular focus on international environmental law and climate justice. I am particularly interested in genealogy as a method of critical legal analysis, and in biopolitics as a theoretical register for reading environmental law.
At the same time, I am increasingly interested in the concept of the commons (in both legal and political philosophical terms). My postdoc project focuses on global commons (broadly construed) with a special focus on biodiversity in marine areas beyond national jurisdiction and marine genetic resources.


I am currently course convener for JUR 3622 "International Environmental Law and Climate Change in the Arctic", an elective course available to 5th year students enrolled in the master of law program, and to excahnge students.

I also teach the course JUR 3052 "Protection of Marine Biodiversity by International Law", and two PhD level courses, JUR 8002 "Jurisprudence" and JUR 8005 "International Legal Theory".

I am currently co-cupervisor of a PhD project on the role of RFMOs in the implementation of the ecosystem approach to fisheries.

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