Social psychology


PhD project "Experience sampling, implicit measures, and traditional survey methods"

Arbeider i CRIStin

  • Thorsteinsen, Kjærsti; Vittersø, Joar; Svendsen, Gunnvald Bendix. Increasing physical activity efficiently: An experimental pilot study of a website and mobile phone intervention. International Journal of Telemedicine and Applications 2014. ISSN 1687-6415.s doi: 10.1155/2014/746232.

  • Thorsteinsen, Kjærsti. Understanding and promoting goal pursuit and well-being: Disseminating interventions and measuring subjective experience using mobile phones. Forskningsseminar 2018-04-19 - 2018.

  • Thorsteinsen, Kjærsti. Den strevsomme lykken. (fulltekst) 2017.

  • Dahl, Tove Irene; Thorsteinsen, Kjærsti. What makes adventures interesting, and why should it matter?. International Adventure Conference (prosjekt) 2015-09-09 - 2015-09-11 2015.

  • Thorsteinsen, Kjærsti; Siebler, Frank. Prior intentions to switch mediate the link between attitudes and spontaneous switching behavior for own-provider attitudes, but not for other-provider attitudes. Transfer of Knowledge Conference 2011 2011-08-24 - 2011-08-28 2011.

  • Thorsteinsen, Kjærsti; Dahl, Tove Irene. More than just vacation: Exploring the relevance of interest, interests, and enjoyment for tourist experiences. (fulltekst) 2009.

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