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Scholarship for British Postgraduate students at UiT

The Anglo-Norse Society supports British students engaging in Arctic-studies, deadline 31.Dec.2019

Håkon Fottland 22.11.2019 09:59   (Sist oppdatert: 22.11.2019 16:52)

The Anglo-Norse Society in London is a registered charity for the purpose of promoting understanding between Britain and Norway through learning about each other’s country and way of life.

The society offer a range of scholarships and grants, of which one scheme is in particular for British students at UiT the Actic University of Norway:

The Anglo-Norse Society is offering a scholarship worth £2,500 to a British Postgraduate student studying at Uit The Actic University of Norway.

To Qualify

  • The student must be British.
  • Have a good first degree (a First Class Hons or Upper II.1).
  • At least half the courses taken must relate to the Arctic.

To apply

  • Send your most recent CV.
  • Your letter of acceptance by the University of Tromsø.
  • A letter of between 500 and 1,000 words explaining how the course you are taking is important to you.

Scan the above documents and send to scholarships@anglonorse.org.uk latest by 31. December 2019.

Please forward this message to any relevant and interested student.