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UiT Internal call for innovation projects in drug discovery and development

Introduction – aim of the initiative
UiT is announcing a pilot call for innovation projects where research groups at UiT can apply for innovation positions within a predetermined thematic area. The aim of this internal instrument is to provide resources in a critical phase of innovation processes and to bridge the gap between basic research and commercialization of results. 


Jenny Johansson Söderberg 23.09.2019 15:25

Thematic topic for 2019 – drug discovery and development

The applications for innovation positions in the 2019 call must be within drug discovery and development. The call is suitable for research groups who have produced results from previous and existing projects with potential for commercial development and exploitation.

The aim of this initiative is to contribute to an increased amount of research being further developed and commercialized.

Concept and what can be funded

This particular call is for two innovation positions for two years each.

The positions must be integrated with existing projects at UiT and contribute to ongoing research and innovation processes where the aim is to develop new drugs.  Relevant projects must describe and document promising results from previous development phases. Furthermore, results from which the innovation project are based, should generally not have been published or handled in such a way that it prevents commercialization. Applicants must describe how the innovation position is embedded in current projects and further evolve around the role of the researcher with respect to the innovation process.   

The application must describe how the project requires collaboration with internal, external and industry partners to continue the project’s development. Applicants must describe the potential for the project to acquire additional external funding, as well as how industry partners will be involved in development stages.

Applications will be evaluated based on the quality of the project, the qualifications of the named candidate(s) for an innovation position and the quality of the internal and external partner. Candidates can be recruited both externally and internally, but candidates with relevant experience working on a drug discovery project at UiT during a PhD, postdoc and/or researcher position are considered particularly suitable. Applicants can apply for one or both positions.

No specific evaluation criteria has been pre-defined. Proposals will be evaluated by a local team of experts. The results will be announced 5 weeks past proposal deadline, and the winners invited to contract negotiations shortly after.  


  • The funding covers salary and indirect costs for researcher position(s) for the named candidate(s).
  • No operating funds will be provided. Such funding has to come from existing projects.
  • The funding is 1 050 000 NOK per year for two years, salary cost and indirect cost above this will not be funded.
  • It is expected that the applicant can show in the budget that there is operating funds of at least 160 000 NOK per year.



This is an internal call for UiT and only research groups and scientific staff at UiT are eligible applicants. Furthermore, projects must have thematic relevance to drug discovery and be entrenched in previous and/or current projects at UiT. Candidates to be employed in the innovation positions must have relevant professional experience and background in such a way that they can fulfill the role in the project without training. Projects must be based on a DOFI submitted to UiT.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Eligible applicants are employed scientific staff at UiT (both temporary and permanent employees).
  • Projects must be based on a DOFI submitted to UiT. The confirmation letter(s) for submitted DOFI from UiT must be attached.
  • Candidates for innovation positions must have completed a PhD-degree.
  • Applicants may themselves also be candidates for positions.

Evaluation process and evaluation criteria

The applications will be evaluated by a panel consisting of three professors/researchers, with one representative from each of the UiT faculties: NT-, BFE- and Health. In addition, a representative from Norinnova will be part of the evaluation committee. 

The applications will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Innovativeness. To which extent the project represents a substantial developmental progress and/or improvement compared to state of the art.
  • Project feasibility and readiness. To which extent the project and researcher has access to necessary research tools and models to continue the innovation process, including access to pre-clinical models.
  • Market potential. How likely the project can lead to a potential commercial breakthrough.
  • The named candidate’s scientific and professional qualifications. This includes the candidate’s experience with innovation projects, industry collaboration with and/or previous collaboration.
  • The research team. This includes the internal and external team’s combined and complementary experience with innovation projects, industry collaboration with and/or previous collaboration.
  • Interfaculty collaboration. Interfaculty collaboration is considered an advantage, but it is not a prerequisite.

Application requirements and submission

The application must include in addition to the project proposal, a budget, a CV of the candidate for the innovation position and confirmation letter(s) for submitted DOFI.

The project proposal shall be no longer than six pages, including references. The page format must be A4 with 2 cm margins, single spacing and Times New Roman 11-point font. It is permitted to use 9-point font for the list of references and figure text. Applications with formal errors or exceeding the page limitations will not be accepted.

There is no proposal template, but applicants are encouraged to structure and/or include the following topics/headings in their proposal

  • Primary and secondary objectives
  • Background and status of knowledge
    • Describe how this innovation project is based on previous and/or current research and development projects
  • Project plan and implementation
    • Describe how this project will be integrated into current research and development activities at UiT
    • Describe the role and tasks the applicant will have in the innovation project and how necessary resources are already available to support the project
    • Describe the project’s innovativeness and feasibility
    • Describe the research team (both internal and external participants, including industry collaboration)
  • Other perspectives
    • Potential for co-funding and future industry collaboration
    • Market potential
    • IPR-status (description of ownership, whether data had been published or patented, etc.)

The CV of the candidate shall be no more than two pages.

Applications shall be submitted by email to postmottak@uit.no; cc; jenny.j.soderberg@uit.no . Application deadline is Friday 25th of October.

Inquiries and additional information

Please contact Jenny Johansson Söderberg jenny.j.soderberg@uit.no for any question you may have to this call.