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JPI Cultural Heritage - Conservation and Protection Call Pre-announcement

The Joint Programming Initiative on Cultural Heritage and Global Change has published preliminary information on the call for transnational proposals around safeguarding Europe’s cultural heritage

Thorbjørg Hroarsdottir 11.03.2019 10:01

The Joint Programming Initiative on Cultural Heritage and Global Chang (JPI CH) has published preliminary information on its next call for transnational proposals 'JPICH Conservation and Protection'.

The available budget is approximately €6.96 million. This will be a one-stage call expected to be published on 1 May 2019, with a deadline for submitting proposals on 30 June 2019. Please note that these dates may still be subject to changes.

Researchers will be able to submit a proposal on behalf of at least three research teams, each based in an eligible institution in a different country participating in the Conservation and Protection Call. The maximum number of research teams in a project proposal is five. 12 countries, including Norway, are eligible for funding. The call will focus on safeguarding Europe's cultural heritage by taking a global approach.

Further details, including topic areas and countries participating in the call are available in the pre-announcement, published at the AHRC website.

Partner search tool

Researchers and stakeholders wishing to find partners in other countries and organisations can join a dedicated email group called JPICH-CONSERVATIONCALL, which has been set up to support networking for this call. To use this service interested parties need to register on-line.