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Call for proposal: The Volvo Environment Prize - Nomination

Nominations for the environmental award 2019 are accepted. To be considered, nominations must be submitted by 10.01.2019. Simply use this web form.

Steinar M Paulsen 06.11.2018 14:44   (Sist oppdatert: 06.11.2018 14:59)

The Prize is awarded by an independent foundation, instituted in 1988. A Scientific Committee does the initial screening and evaluation of candidates. The International Prize Jury, a group of internationally renowned scientists, makes the final selection of laureate or laureates.

Laureates represent all fields of environmental and sustainability studies and initiatives.

The Volvo Environment Prize is awarded annually. The Prize consists of a hand-crafted diploma, a glass sculpture and a cash award for SEK 1.5 million (approximately EUR 145,000 or USD 167,000). The award ceremony is in Stockholm in November each year.

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