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- Vellykket JCLOS-konferanse i Singapore

Det melder Christin Skjervold, en av deltakerne fra JCLOS,  i en e-post sendt fra Singapore. Under finner du et engelsk sammendrag fra konferansen skrevet av Erik Molenaar.

Trude Haugseth Moe 17.12.2015 13:08   (Sist oppdatert: 17.12.2015 13:10)

Konferansen JCLOS arrangerte i Singapore sammen med University of Singapore, er vel overstått. Foto: Colourbox.

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Joint JCLOS-CIL Conference on the Governance of Arctic Shipping


The conference ‘Governance of Arctic Shipping. Balancing Rights and Interests of Arctic States and User States’ took place on 10 and 11 in Singapore. It was co-organized by JCLOS and the Centre for International Law (CIL) of the National University of Singapore. As reflected in the title of the Conference, it focuses on balancing the rights and interests of Arctic states on the one hand with those of user states on the other. This focus was chosen in particular with user states (flag states) from Asia in mind as well as the fact that the conference is a joint effort by an Arctic and an Asian research centre.


After providing an overview of Arctic shipping as well as the broader context of the Arctic and the law of the sea, the conference focused on the role of the International Maritime Organization and its recently adopted Polar Code. The subsequent two sessions were aimed at identifying relevant rights, interests, positions and practice of Arctic coastal states (Denmark, Canada, Iceland, Norway, the Russian Federation and the United States) and Asian flag States (in particular China, Japan, Singapore and South Korea). A key objective of the conference was to examine if particular needs and problems of Arctic coastal states and Asian flag states relating to Arctic shipping could be met and/or resolved in tailor-made cooperative mechanisms, either within the Arctic Council or outside it. A question in that regard was whether the cooperative mechanism developed by strait states and user states of the Straits of Malacca and Singapore could be used as a model.


Four JCLOS/UiT researchers gave presentations, namely Piotr Graczyk, Tore Henriksen, Erik Molenaar and Jan Solski. Henriksen and Molenaar will also be co-editors of a book that will be based on the draft chapters and presentations prepared for the conference.

By Erik Molenaar.