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Mindless curve-fitting is not science

Welcome to NT-lunch seminar, the second of a total of four popular science seminars this semester.There will be served a "lunch-to-go" and we therefore need you to sign up for the event. Lunch is served 11.15 and the talk starts at 11.30. The seminar is open for everybody, join us!



"Mindless curve-fitting is not science" by professor Kristoffer Rypdal.

Researchers in Bergen have published a very controversial paper  claiming early signs of saturation of the exponential growth of installed wind- and solar energy. If their projections are true these renewables will not take a substantial share of the future energy market. The seminar will discuss methodological flaws in this paper.

Rypdal is  a professor at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and a very enthusiastic and communicative scientist. His passion related to climate changes is in focus both is his research and in his prvate life. He has written numerous of feature articles and also blogs about the topic. This talk you really don't want to miss!

Here is the controversial article:

Limits to growth in the renewable energy sector

Read Kristoffer's BLOGG

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23.02.17 kl. 11:15 - 12:00
Realfagbygget, Store Aud

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