Computer Science Lunch 3

It`s time for a new talk in the popular Computer Science (CS) Lunch seminar series. The CS-lunch is a seminar series at the Department of Computers Science at the University of Tromsø. Here you will meet students and scientists from the Computer Science Department for a scientific talk and free lunch. There will be a different topic at each lunch, where Ph. D. students at the department will present their accepted conference and journal papers.

This time Ph.D. student Ibrahim Umar will give a talk about DeltaTrees:

Ibrahim will talk about DeltaTree, a practical locality-aware concurrent search tree that integrates both locality-optimization techniques from vEB-based trees, and concurrency-optimization techniques from non-blocking and highly-concurrent search trees. As a result, DeltaTree minimizes data transfer from memory to CPU while supporting high concurrency.

DeltaTree is a k-ary leaf-oriented tree of DeltaNodes where each DeltaNode is a fixed size tree-container with the van Emde Boas layout.

Our experimental evaluation using the recent implementation of non-blocking binary search trees, highly concurrent B-trees, conventional vEB trees, as well as the concurrent AVL trees, red-black trees, and speculation friendly trees from the Synchrobench benchmark shows that DeltaTree are up to 140% faster than the other trees on commodity Intel high performance computing (HPC) platforms. On commodity ARM embedded platforms, DeltaTree are up to 100% faster than the other trees.

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Når: 18. mars 2015 kl. 12.15–13.00
Hvor: Lille aud. Realfagbygget
Studiested: Tromsø
Målgruppe: alle

Frist: 16.03.2015
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