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Information Desk at the Faculty of Health sciences

How to get in touch with us and our opening hours

Infotorget ved Det helsevitenskapelige fakultet i Tromsø

Information Desk at the Faculty of Health sciences

Phone: +47 77 64 46 10, E-mail: info.helsefak@hjelp.uit.no

Information Desk at the Faculty of Health sciences

Opening hours:
Monday – Friday 9-13 (until further notice)
Contact us:



Other inquiries
  • Publishing on our info screens
  • Publishing on the information board (Tavla)
  • True copy in Norwegian and English
  • Submissions in connection with exams (medical certificates, MRSA-forms, travel expenses, police certificate, etc.


Lost & Found:

On level 6, by the trees, there is a trolley where clothes, mittens, scarfs and other garments is placed and can be found.

All valuables must be delivered to the Information desk on level eight

Employees at the Information Desk:
Postal address:
Seksjon for forskning, utdanning og formidling Helsefak
Faculty of Health Sciences
UiT The arctic University of Norway
Po. Box 6050, Langnes
9037 Tromsø  , Norway
Reception of Goods:

UiT the Arctic University of Norway,
Faculty of Health Sciences,
Varemottak MH- øst, plan 6,
Sykehusveien 44,
9019 Tromsø


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