The University Library: - We want to be even better

21.05.19 Lieungh, Erik

Would you like better lighting in the library? How about more places to do group work? Or a better selection of literature and databases? Now you have a golden opportunity to give your feedback to the University Library.

Kjærsti Løkholm Bergli, Linnea Nordström, and Marit Bull Enger at the University Library are the team behind the user survey. They want as many staff and students as possible to participate by May 31. Foto: Erik Lieungh

The University Library at UiT is running a survey this spring to find out what works and doesn’t work at the libraries and regarding digital resources.

Project manager of this year’s survey, Marit Bull Enger, says that the library wants to develop its services and to do that they need to know more about what the needs of students and staff really are.

– It is important to know how our services are being used. A survey like this helps us gain that knowledge. It has been two years since we did a survey like this and already, we have gotten more than four times the amount of answers. We are really grateful for that, she says.

There are many ways of using a library. Help to decide what the library should look like by participating in the survey. Foto: Erik Lieungh

Giving out prizes

This year’s survey takes about 5-10 minutes to complete. All participates are eligible to win a set of noise-canceling headphones. The library will also pick out ten people who will win a PayGoo VISA-card worth 250 NOK. 

The library will go through all the answers. Already many students and staff have written in additional comments on the survey in addition to the multiple-choice questions. This means that the library has a better chance of deciding what needs to change.

– But can the library do something with all the requests?

– Yes, says Enger, and adds:

– The smaller adjustments we can take care of right away. With some of the requests which will demand more time and money, it is up to the library management and board to decide what we should prioritize.

Do you find it difficult to locate literature to use in your studies? Let us know what we could do better by filling out our survey. Foto: Erik Lieungh

Outside Tromsø

The project manager for the survey explains that it is important that students and staff outside of Tromsø also participate. The University Library has locations all around the north of Norway in Hammerfest, Alta, Narvik, and Harstad. In addition, there are libraries at the Tromsø Museum, the academy for contemporary arts and creative writing, the music conservatory, and at the teacher training and education campus.

– The survey isn't only for those who visit our libraries. Many of our services are online. It is important that online students answer the survey as well, Enger explains.

Students and staff from outside Tromsø should also answer the survey. Foto: Erik Lieungh
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