Centre days at JCLOS: - Interesting, informative and fantastic!

Vi gjør oppmerksom på at denne artikkelen er over to år gammel, og kan ha innhold som er utdatert.

This week, The "Centre days" take place at the K. G. Jebsen Centre for the Law of the Sea. Here, some of the most internationally renowned specialists within the Law of the Sea, hold open lectures for four days. How is it to attend here?

First time arranged in September 2014, the Centre days now take place for the second time at the JCLOS in Tromsø. 

So, how is it to attend the Centre days? And who are there? We popped by in the break of a workshop about International Fishery Law, to have a small glimpse of what is going on. 

Eva van der Marel, phd student, and prof. Richard Barnes from University of Hull, UK, both enjoy the Centre days.

– Get to interact with experts

Around 40 people - from alle over the world - were attending the workshop. One of them was Phd student Eva van der Marel.

How is it to attend the Centre days at the JCLOS?

– It’s very rich, very interesting and informative! van der Marel smiles.

– Also, it’s very special, because you get to interact with the teachers, that are major experts – really top of the field internationally. The Phd-students are particularly privileged because we get to present our work to them and get very important feedback, van der Marel explains.

- Huge amount of information

Also LLM-students Birgitta Kristjánsdottir and Shadi Elserafy seem happy to attend the Centre days. 

Birgitta Kristjánsdottir and Shadi Elserafy are LLM students at JCLOS.

– It’s very interesting for us to listen to such experts within the Law of the Sea. You can tell that they are really good at their field, the two students agree.

– It’s a huge amount of information for us who just started at the LLM course, but it’s been very valuable and informative, says Elserafy.

– And it’s a good way to find out where your interests lie, too, Kristjánsdottir adds.

One of these experts, and a lecturer at the workshop, is professor Karen Scott.  She has travelled 20 hours by plane from New Zealand to get to UiT. Has it been worth it?

Dynamic place for research

– I am thoroughly enjoying it - it’s fantastic to be here, Scott says. 

Professor Karen Scott from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand thinks it's fantastic to be at the Centre days at JCLOS. All photos: Trude Haugseth Moe

She explains that she has always wanted to come to Tromsø and that she has heard wonderful things about the K.G. Jebsen Centre for the Law of the Sea.

– Northern Norway is such an important maritime place. There is lot of interesting things going on here; fisheries, boundaries, oil and gas – so it’s a very dynamic place to do research, Scott says, and concludes that it is well worth the trip.

Another visiting professor, Richard Barnes from the UK, seems to agree with Scott.

– It’s fantastic: well organized, stimulating discussions, wonderful facilities and friendly people.

–  And, he adds smilingly, I learn a lot!

Seems like the Centre days is a tradition to keep.


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