Center for Coastal Culture: Linking the pasts and the futures of the coasts

To learn about past communities, craft and the traditions, we go to a museum. The moment we walk in the door is called present. To look into the future, we go to the modern science center next door. Can we connect past, present and future in one place?

Four resarchers in front of traditional rowing/sailing boat, UiT, Tromsø.
In the Tromsø fjord, Jorge Santos, Melania Borit, Anita Maurstad and Gunnar Eldjarn, all from the UiT, stand by two færinger, traditional rowing/sailing boats. Foto: Jorge Santos/UiT
Portrettbilde av Santos, Jorge
Santos, Jorge Professor (Fishery Biology)
Publisert: 19.10.21 13:29 Oppdatert: 19.10.21 13:38

A new European EEA project – Center for Coastal Culture - has assembled a city council, a fishery cooperative and a fisher association, museums and researchers in Portugal and Norway.

The core of the project is the small town of Sesimbra, in Portugal, where fishing and maritime trade have been important occupations for thousands of years. Their new maritime museum is collecting, reviving and transforming the traditions of the community. Two research environments in Norway will assist them in their efforts.

Read more about this project in Jorge Santos' article at Forskerhjørnet/ Reseachers' Corner! 

Kortnytt fra Fakultet for biovitenskap, fiskeri og økonomi
Santos, Jorge Professor (Fishery Biology)