The Commission to Investigate the Norwegianisation Policy and Injustice against the Sámi and Kvens/Norwegian Finns is chaired by Dagfinn Høybråten and includes 11 other experts, all of whom have been appointed by the Storting (Norwegian Parliament).

The purpose of this investigation is to lay the groundwork for the recognition of the experiences of the Sámi and Kvens/Norwegian Finns during enforcement of this policy by the Norwegian authorities, and what consequences these experiences have had for them collectively and individually.

The mandate describes three tasks for the Commission:

  1. Perform a historical survey to map the Norwegian authorities’ policy and activities towards the Sámi and Kvens/Norwegian Finns locally, regionally and nationally.
  2. Carry out an investigation of the effects of the Norwegianisation policy. The Commission is to consider how the Norwegianisation policy has affected the majority population’s attitudes to the Sámi and Kvens/Norwegian Finns, and will investigate the consequences of Norwegianisation up until the present day.
  3. Propose measures to contribute to further reconciliation.

The Commission shall complete its work by 1 September 2022 and deliver its report to the Presidium of the Storting.

The Secretariat for The Truth and Reconciliation Commission has been established at UiT The Arctic University of Norway.

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Blir utreder i sekretariatet

 Anna-Kaisa Räisänen (39) blir utreder i sekretariatet for Sannhets- og forsoningskommisjonen. Sekretariatet blir dermed fire personer fra august 2019.


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Sannhets- og forsoningskommisjonen vil møte folk

Åpne møter, deltakelse på ulike arenaer, nettside med kontaktskjema er noen av metodene Sannhets- og forsoningskommisjonen vil benytte.



Møteplan for 2019

Sannhets- og forsoningskommisjonen har vedtatt møteplan for 2019. Se her når de møtes.


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