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Learning from other commissions

The Norwegian truth and reconciliation commission meets Jens Heinrich. The purpose was learning from the work done in Greenland.

MEETING: Dagfinn Høybråten and Jens Heinrich meet at Stortinget when the commisson meet. Foto: Inger Elin Utsi

Jens Heinrich, former vice-chairman of Kalaallit Nunaanni saammaateqatigiinnissamut Isumalioqatigiissitaq (The Reconciliation Commission of Greenland), met the commission during their 4th meeting in Oslo in March.

The purpose of the Norwegian commission was to learn from similar processes in countries with similar colonial histories. Like Greenland and Canada.

In December 2017, the Greenlandic commission handedhanded over its final report dealing with the internal reconciliation in Greenland as the Danish government denounced it and said it wouldn't take part. The report examined the effects of the Danish rule for Greenlandic societies today with emphasis on the assimilation policies from 1950 and onwards.”



During the meeting in Oslo, Jens Heinrich, talked about the process and the final report. The commission in Greenland had 4-6 members and their budget was 10 mill Danish kroner over a period of 4 years.

The task of the Greenlandic commission was to collect histories of colonization and injustice from individuals. They arranged 33 open meeting across the whole island, which they called “borgermøter”. They also did historical research and they conducted many cultural actions.

Jens Heinrich also informed about the recommendations that was given in the final report.

The leader of the Norwegian commission, Dagfinn Høybråten, says it is important to learn from the work in Greenland.


The whole Greenlandic report can be found here:








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