Studenter (MSc & PhD)

Aktive PhD-studenter

  • Lars Dalheim: Characterization of lipids from alternative marine sources: Extraction, stability and digestibility. Veileder: Ragnar L. Olsen
  • Pauke C. Schots: The mechanism behind the anti-obesity effects of Calanus oil. Veileder: Ragnar L. Olsen
  • Tonje K. Bjørvig: From boat to consumer. A quality study on trawl-caught Atlantic cod. Veileder: Margrethe Esaiassen.

Aktive MSc-studenter

  • Celine Edvardsen. Arbeidstittel. Veilder(e): Ida-Johanne Jensen & Edel O. Elvevoll 
  • Maria Nilsen Heimland. Arbeidstittel. Veilder(e): Edel Oddny Elvevoll & Karl-Erik Eilertsen
  • Ronja Amalie Gabrielsen. Arbeidstittel. Veileder(e): Karl-Erik Eilertsen & Ida-Johanne Jensen
  • Simon Skålsvik HansenArbeidstittel. Veilder(e): Ida-Johanne Jensen
  • Ingeborg Hulda Giæver. Arbeidstittel. Veilder(e): Edel O. Elvevoll & Hans C Eilertsen
  • Ariadna Sabina S. CiordiaArbeidstittel. Veilder(e): Edel O. Elvevoll, Klara Stensvåg & SINTEF
  • Ben Opara UchennaArbeidstittel. Veilder(e): Edel O. Elvevoll & Karl-Erik Eilertsen

Tidligere gjennomførte masteroppgaver på gruppa:

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Gjennomførte doktorgrader ved Sjømatgruppa (2014-2018)


Tidligere doktorgrader ved Sjømatgruppa (2005 - 2014)

  • Izumi Sone (2012) “Spectral changes in fillet of Atlantic salmon as affected by freshness loss and spoilage during cold storage”.
  • Pål A. Wang (2011) “Post mortem proteolytic degradation of myosin heavy chain in skeletal muscle of Atlantic cod”.
  • Stein Harris Olsen (2011) “Quantification and characterisation of residual blood in fish muscle – Impact of slaugthering methods”  
  • Kine M. Andersen (2011) “Granularity and its importance for traceability in seafood supply chains”
  • Grete Lorentzen (2010) “Food safety of salt-cured cod products.  Effects of salt-curing, rehydration and thermal treatment on survival, growth and invasiveness of Listeria spp”.
  • Svein Kristian Stormo (2009) ”Anisakid Roundworm Larvae – Detection of Parasites in Cod Muscle and Freeze Tolerance of Sealworm (Pseudoterranova decipiens).” 
  • Hilde Herland (2009) “Farmed Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L.). Fillet quality and quality changes during iced storage”.
  • Hanne Solvang Felberg (2009) “Belly bursting in herring (Clupea harengus). A study on some gelatinolytic activities possibly involved in the process”.
  • Bjørn Tore Dragnes (2008) “Documentation and novel effects of marine by products”.
  • Rune Larsen (2007) “Influence of weak brines on technological, biochemical and nutritional properties of cod (Gadus morhua L.) muscle”.
  • Silje Kristoffersen (2007) “Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L.) in captivity. Muscle quality as effected by slaughter procedures and filleting time”. 
  • Guro M. Pedersen (2005) “Modulation of innate defence in teleosts by histone-like cationic proteins”.