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FRIPRO and Toppforsk projects at UiT

FRIPRO 2017-2014

Researcher projetc title discipline year programe
Jana Jagerska Mid-Infrared CRyptophane-enhanced On-chip Sensor Fysikk 2017 FRINATEK
Bård Smedsrød Role of scavenger endothelial cells in elimination of virus Med bio 2017 FRIMEDBIO
Pia abel zur Wiesch Predicting optimal antibiotic treatment regimens Farmasi 2017 FRIMEDBIO
Gerith Pfuhl Too precise or too imprecise: which parameter is gone awry in autism and psychosis Psykologi 2017 FRIMEDBIO
Torkjel M Sandanger Identifying biomarkers of metastatic lung cancer using Gene expression, DNA methylation and microRNAs in blood prior to clinical diagnosis Medicine 2017 FRIMEDBIO
Andrea Mannberg The risks we take and the life we make - Effects of positional concerns and bounded rationality on risk taking behaviour Economy 2017 FRIHUMSAM
Charlotte Damm Stone Age Demographics: multi-scale exploration of population variations and dynamics HSL 2017 FRIHUMSAM
Martin Krämer Syllable structure: Acquisition, Loss, Typology HSL 2017 FRIHUMSAM
Robert Di Remigio Stochastic Methods for Molecular Chiroptical Properties Chemistry 2017 FRINATEK
Marit Westgård Micro-variation in Multilingual Situations Linguistics 2016 FRIHUMSAM
Kenneth Ruud New Dimensions in Theoretical Multiphoton Spectroscopy Chemistry 2016 FRINATEK
Sören Abel Host defenses against Vibrio cholerae and molecular virulence mechanisms to overcome them Pharmasy 2016 FRIMEDBIO
Lorena Arranz Stem cell metabolic dysfunction in myeloid leukemia and its therapeutic targeting Medicine 2016 FRIMEDBIO
Eelke Snoren Which specific brain projections are involved in natural reward? Psychology 2016 FRIMEDBIO
Charlotte Dam Stone Age Demographics: Exploring population fluctuations and mobility Archeology 2016 FRIHUMSAM
Terje Johnansen Autophagy-regulated Signalosomes in Cellular Stress and Disease Pathways Medicine 2016 TOPPFORSK
Inger Alsos Ecosystem change and species persistence over time: a genome-based approach Ecology 2016 TOPPFORSK
Bjørnar Olsen Unruly Heritage: An Archaeology of the Anthropocene HSL 2016 TOPPFORSK
SE Kraft Indigenous Religion(s). Local Grounds, Global Networks Relegion 2015 FRIHUMSAM
Bjørnar J Olsen Object Matters: Archaeology and Heritage in the 21th Century Archeology 2015 FRIHUMSAM
David Hazlerigg Light & Salt - Thyroid hormone deiodinase paralogues & the evolution of complex life-history strategy in salmonids Biology 2015 FRIMEDBIO
Odd Erik Garcia Turbulence and transport at the boundary of fusion plasmas Physics 2015 FRINATEK
Robert Jenssen Next Generation Kernel-Based Machine Learning for Big Missing Data Applied to Earth Observation Physics 2015 FRINATEK
Abhik Ghosh Corroles as a Platform for Fundamental Transition Metal Chemistry, with Emphasis on Heavy  Chemistry 2014 FRINATEK
Anette Högström The Digermul Peninsula - a window into the early diversification of animal life Ecology 2014 FRINATEK
Cathrine Baglo Between Worlds and Knowledges: The Liminal Life of Adrian Jacobsen Cultural science 2014 FRIHUMSAM
Kristin Kjelstrup Encoding of non-spatial information in the hippocampus Medicine 2014 TOPPFORSK
Kathrin Hopmann "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe": Selectivity-determining factors in asymmetric catalysis Chemistry 2014 TOPPFORSK
Lliev Dimitar Exosomes from salmon (Salmo salar) leukocytes - composition, functions, biogenesis and immunodiagnostic potential Biology 2014 TOPPFORSK

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