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FF Johan Ruud

R/V «JOHAN RUUD» (Call signals: LEDR)

Owner: The Royal Norwegian Government
Management: The Norwegian College of Fishery Science/The University of Tromsø.

The R/V «Johan Ruud» was built in 1976 at Sterkoder Mekaniske Verksted Ltd., Kristiansund (Norway) as a stern trawler for multipurpose research activities (fishery and marine biological, geological and oceanographic surveys) in open waters along the coastline and fjord areas. The range of investigations include fish resource assessments, hydrographic and trawl surveys, geological bottom sediment sampling and acoustic registrations of the sediment layers below the sea-bed.

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Research activities
Shrimp/fish stock assessments Geological investigations (bottom cores, echo-sounding, acoustic surveying) Plankton surveys, Fishing gear trials and underwater surveys, Marine mammal surveys Naval training courses. Most research activities will be carried out along the coast and in the fjords from Lofoten islands to NE Finnmark and the SW Barents Sea.

For further information please contact Johnny Johansen.


Technical specifications and equipment

Principal particulars:

Length o.a 30.50 m
Length p.p. 27.20
Beam mid 8.50 m
Draught 3.75 m
Speed 11.5 (max) - 10 knots
Gross tonnage 332
Class DnV+1A1 stern trawler


Fuel oil 70 m3
Fresh water 25 m3
Accommodation, total 19
No. of single cabins 9 (8 crew)

Main engine, propulsion and auxilliary machinery:

Main engine Wickmann 4 AX 1000 Bhp at 375 rpm.
Propeller 1 Wichmann 7 AC120
Bow thruster 1 Brunvoll SPH 105 Bhp
Auxilliary machinery 2x Scandia D8 , 65 kW

The ship's electronic equipment:

Radar A Racal Decca Bridgemaster RM 20/90 (10cm)
Radar B Furuno FR 1505 DA (3cm)
Electronic chart machine Mac Sea
GPS Furuno GP 500
Watch-receiver Simrad RW 3
Radio communication 1 Sailor RT 143 (VHF)
1 Sailor SSB - 400 W
1 Simrad PD (VFH)
1 Siemens Sicall Decoder C x 2
1 Simrad C SIN
1 Siemens mobile
Log Skipper EML 123
Gyro/autopilot Anschütz (track control)


CTD SeaBird SBE911+
Sensors Temp, cond, fluorocens

Hydro acoustic equipment:

Echo sounder Simrad EK60
Echo integrator system BI
Bottom penetration echo sounder ORE 137
Trawl (catch) control Scanmar RX400


Simrad ES 12gy0-7 kHz split beam
Simrad ES 38 kHz split beam
ORE ORE 137 (16 elements)
Scanmar 1 hull mounted

Winching and hydraulic equipment:

Netdrums x2 (pelagic and bottom trawls)
Trawl winches 2x 8 tons
Light dredge winch 1x 1 ton
Hydrography winches x2 (2000 m cable)
Net sonde cable winch 1 (1500 m cable)
Longline hauler 1 (hydraulic)
Anchor winch 1 (hydraulic)


Instruments 11.3 m2
Dry samples 14.4 m2
Wet samples 10.4 m2
Storages Freezers and cooling rooms

Lifesaving equipment:

Lifeboat 1 (open)
Life-rafts 1 x 8 persons, 1 x 20 persons
Life-suits Helly-Hansen E/305/4

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