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Takvatnet Research Station

The Freshwater group’s field station is situated by the idyllic LakeTakvatn in the inner part of TromsCounty, and is central to our research on lake dwelling fish, especially Arctic charr.


In addition, several different field courses for students are arranged here, where ecological theory is combined with practical demonstrations and studies. This means that students literally get hands-on-experience with the basis of all research, namely sampling and analyses of different types of biological materials. The station also has become a natural and nice meeting place for both scientific seminars/discussions and different social happenings within the group. 

The main building, situated a little up in the hillside, contains working places for processing samples, kitchen facilities, a living-room section and a couple of bedrooms. With some extra folding beds and mattresses, there is overnight accommodation for about 15 persons.

Down by the waterside sits a spacious boat-house with room for our “research vessel”, a steady 17 foot long boat, and miscellaneous equipment. Finally, it should also be mentioned that the station can parade with a luxurious privy (outside toilet), where one can enjoy a quite magnificent view over LakeTakvatn and the surrounding mountain masses on a clear day.

We wish all interested students and researchers welcome to the station!

Takvatnet on the map:

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