Guide for home examinations and group examinations in WISEflow - Digital eksamen

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Home exam in Flowmulti

Written guide for home examinations in WISEflow:

1. Log on to WISEflow to see your question paper.
2. Write your answer paper in your own word processing program (Word, OpenOffice etc.)
3. Log in to WISEflow, upload and hand in your paper. ATTENTION! You have to BOTH upload AND hand in your paper; only uploading the paper is not sufficient! The uploaded file must be a PDF.

Below you will find a more thorough guide, as well a guide for group examinations.

  1. Log in
  2. Choose your exam
  3. The exam page
  4. Collect the question paper
  5. Upload and hand in
    1. Upload the paper
    2. Hand in the paper
    3. Additional information on hand in
    4. Front page
    5. Receipt
    6. Withdraw submission
  6. Group examination
    1. Form group
    2. Accept invitation
    3. Handing in group paper


Log in

To collect your question paper, you have to log in to WISEflow. Go to Click 'logg inn'.

Log in

You will then get four choices for logging in. Choose 'Feide'.


If UiT is not chosen automatically, you will have to choose it from the pull-down menu.

Choose affiliation

Go to your exam

Once you are logged in to WISEflow, you will see an overview of your WISEflow exams.

Overview of your exams

In addition to the exams you have registered for, you will find a test examination under the heading 'Demoflow'. You can use this to familiarize yourself with WISEflow.

Each exam consists of a statusbar made up of four stages. These are the four stages of the exam. Stage one is the preparation stage, before the exam is open for participation. Stage two is when the exam is open for participation; you can now collect your question paper, and hand in your answer paper. Stage three is the assessment stage; this is when the exam is being assessed by the examiner. Stage four is after the assessment is finished, and the exam has been completed. The current stage of the exam is marked in green.

When an exam has entered stage two, you may collect the question paper. Click anywhere on the statusbar to enter the exam page.

Choose your exam

The Exam Page

You are now on the exam page for your examination.

Exam page

On this page you will find all the information necessary to complete the exam.

The upper half of the page (marked in red) consists of the information required when working on the exam: you will find the question paper, any appendix material, time left until the hand in deadline, course information and any additional material.

The lower half of the page (marked in blue) is for uploading and handing in your answer paper.

Collecting the question paper

You will find the question paper in the upper half of the exam page. You can either click the eye icon, to see the question paper in WISEflow, or you can click the download icon, to download the question paper to your computer.


If there is any appendix material for the exam, you will find it under the heading 'Appendix material'.

Uploading and handing in the exam

Once you have completed your answer paper, you will have to upload it and hand it in. ATTENTION! These are two different actions in WISEflow -- you have to BOTH upload your paper AND hand it in!

Uploading the paper

To upload your paper, click 'Upload' under 'Paper'.


If you are uploading a file from your hard drive, you may click anywhere on the upload icon. If you are uploading a file from Dropbox, click the three stripes on the right hand side of the upload icon. The uploaded file must be a PDF. Use your candidate number as your file name, unless something else has been specified for your exam.

If you you need to upload appendix material in addition to your paper, click the upload icon under the heading 'Appendix material'.

Handing in the paper

After you have uploaded your paper, you will still have to hand it in to complete your exam. Click 'Hand in' under 'Hand in state'.

Hand in your paper

Your paper has now been handed in. You may now log out from WISEflow.

Additional information regarding the hand in

Front page

You do not need to make a front page for your paper; a front page is automatically generated by WISEflow. To view the front page, you may click 'Preview the official front page'.

Click to view front page


You may order a receipt confirming that you have handed in your paper, if you wish. Click 'send receipt'.

Send receipt

You will receive your receipt by e-mail.

Withdraw submission

If you have handed in your paper, but wish to make changes to it, you can still do so within the hand in deadline. Click 'Withdraw submission'.

Withdraw submission

Once you have done this, you may upload a new version of your paper, and hand in the new version.

Group examinations

Before it is possible to hand in papers, groups must be formed, and participants invited to the groups. There is a box for groups on the exam page in WISEflow. This is where groups are formed, and invitations to groups can be found. One member of the group forms the group and invites the other participants.

Forming a group

Click 'Form group'.

Form group

1. Enter the name of the group.

2. Invite participants. Type in the participants' names in the search field. Click to select the participant.

3. Click 'Form group'.

Adding participants

Only students who are registered for the exam may be invited to a group. It is not possible to be a member of more than one group.

When a group invitation has been sent, but not yet accepted by the invitee, the box will look like this:

Awaiting confirmation

Accepting invitation

You will find group invitations in the group box in the exam page. Click 'Accept' to accept the invitation, or 'Reject' reject the invitation.

Accept invitation

When you click to accept, you will be prompted to confirm.

Confirm the acceptance

Handing in group paper

Once all invitations have been sent and accepted, it is possible to hand in the paper.

Only one single paper is to be handed in from each group. Any member of the group can hand in the paper, but make sure that only one member does. Handing in the paper is the same as for regular home examinations.

NOTE: It is not possible to add new members to the group once the paper has been handed in.

Withdrawing submission

As with regular home examinations, the handed in paper may be withdrawn. If the deadline has not yet passed, you may upload and hand in a new version of the paper. Any member of the group may do this.

Under 'Hand in status', you will see when the paper was handed in. You may order a receipt by clicking 'Send receipt'. The receipt is only sent to the person who ordered it, it is not sent to all group members. All members of the group may order a receipt, but they will have to do so individually.

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