User Manuals - Digital eksamen

Below you will find some user manuals for students that have electronical exams in WISEflow. Please read the user manuals carefully. Do you have questions about electronic exams that you cannot find the answer to here, please contact the student administration at your faculty. You will find the name of the administrators on the exam in every exact flow. 

⇾ Home or Group Examinations

Here you can read a detailed instruction on how to prepare and hand in a paper in WISEflow. You can also read how to create groups when these are not already decided.

⇾ Video: How to hand in a paper

This video shows how to participate in WISEflow and uploading a PDF-file. The example is a FLOWassign. The hand in method can change from flow type to flow type.

⇾ Complete start up guide for students using WISEflow

Here you will find the answer to most questions. Use the table of contents to navigate.

⇾ Download the FLOWlock browser

How to download, update and test the FLOWlock browser. The browser is used under written exams where students are not allowed to access the internet or local computer files.

On-site written exams and a general guide to the FLOWlock browser

An ordinary written exam, without access to the internet, will go through using the FLOWlock browser. Under the exam you will be writing in a typing editor which will remind you of Word. The best way to prepare yourself for using the editor, is to try "Demo flows" in WISEflow. Try to take pictures or make a drawing, place it in the document. Try to make headings,  and so on.

At the day of the exam you will also receive a note with tips and tricks on how to best make use of the editor. We recommend you to read this while you are waiting for the exam to start.  

⇾ General guide to FLOWmulti

This is a guide for you as a participant enrolled in a FLOWmulti exam. FLOWmulti is the name of the module in WISEflow, which handles multiple choice exams. These can be conducted with or without the use of the FLOWlock-browser. 

You can also try FLOWmulti before the exam. Go to Edit profile > System Requirements > Demonstration of FLOWlock Multi. Be sure to read the general guide regarding FLOWlock to be prepared if something happens during the exam.

 ⇾ Complete knowledge base from WISEflow

Complete collection of guides and videos that can help you with specific issues. They are categorized by roles, so make sure to scroll down and find your role for further information.

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