During Exams - Digital eksamen

Some electronic exams are held without the use of FLOWlock. This means that students have full access to information stored on their own computer, and full access to the Internet. If you are taking an exam where FLOWlock is not to be used, you will be informed about this. Unless you are told otherwise, you will be using FLOWlock in your exam.

Logging in
Log in to FLOWlock using your regular UIT username and password. Click the exam in question, and then ‘Start FLOWlock’. If other programs are running on your computer, you will be prompted to close them. A countdown window will pop up automatically. The countdown window should be visible on screen no later than 15 minutes before the exam starts. At the end of the countdown, the window will change into a new log in screen. Type the password provided by the invigilator to activate the exam.
Writing your answer paper

Once you have typed the password, you will enter a word processor. This is where you will write your answer paper. 

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the word processor before the day of the exam, by using the test exam (see the user manual on downloading FLOWlock). The word processor has several functions, such as the option of adding simple tables, choosing between headers, and changing fonts and colors. You can copy text using <ctrl> + C, and paste using <ctrl> + V (<cmd> + C and <cmd> + V for Mac users). Edit your title by clicking ‘Title – Min besvarelse’ in the upper left-hand corner.

 Once you have started writing, your paper will be saved automatically and continuously. In the overview on the right, you will find all previously saved versions of your exam. You will be notified if you should lose your Internet connection during the exam. If this should happen, you will be able to keep writing your paper; however, you will have to save it to your local hard drive. Once the Internet connection is reestablished, your paper will once again be saved in WISEflow automatically.

A clock in the upper right-hand corner shows the time remaining.


Handing in the answer paper
Once time has expired, the invigilator will provide you with a new password. You need to use this password to end the exam. Click ‘Go to handin’ in the upper right hand corner. If you finish the exam before time has expired, you will have to contact the invigilator to be provided with the password. After you have handed in your paper, a confirmation window will appear. When you have received your confirmation, please close the FLOWlock browser and turn off your computer. You can access your paper in WISEflow after the exam.
Sist endret: 19.10.2018