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My research is driven by the wish to analyze power relations in the narratives that infuse societies both in history, present and future times. Being a feminist scholar, I have broadened my focus from analyzing the existing stories about one specific historic actor (phD) and re-narrating it, to scrutinizing dominant tropes in popular Western culture. My aim is to help to unpack the potential of the humanities to contribute to a better understanding of the cultural aspects of the current environmental crisis. With my actual research, I move beyond persistent Western narratives on environment and climate change, to understand how places can be understood also through embodied knowledges, and what impact this could have on the living and dying of humans and other than humans. My research draws from feminist and critical theories, and examines knowledges, places and relations. Wondering what knowledges become audible for whom and which not and for whom not, I try to think through sensory, artistic, local and Indigenous knowledges with a geographical focus on the North of Norway/Sápmi. Moreover, I serve as leader of WP 1 | Concepts of the Prestisje Project (NFR 281862) and of the UiT-funded project Democratization of education (2019-2024).