Maritim arkeologi

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Archaeology of waterscapes in northern Norway from the Iron Age to the present with an emphasis on linking cultural heritage issues to research themes: 

  • Coastal settlement and maritime activity (fishery development, boathouses as a social arena)
  • Viking Age and medieval maritime trade and long distance transport of goods (stockfish, stone resources – bakestones, millstones, whetstones, soapstone)
  • Fishery commercialization and globalization of the stockfish trade
  • Watercraft and harbor development
  • Interethnic relations (Sami-Norse interaction)
  • Role of waterways in coastal-inland interaction
  • Marine resources and the development of medieval farm mounds

Archaeological science (geoarchaeology- geochemistry, tephrochronology, geophysical methods)

Comparative heritage studies and museology

Long-standing research interests in the western Pacific and Oceania. Recent projects include research on perceptions of heritage in Palau, western Micronesia and the materiality of Australian South Sea Islander identity in Queensland, Australia.