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Statistisk signalteori, høyere ordens statistikk, ikke-lineære systemer, ultralyd, mikrobølger, hyperthermi, tidsrekkeanalyse og prediksjon, fluiddynamikk, vindkraftressurser, fornybar energi. 

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dynamiske systemer, fusjonsenergi, kaos, komplekse systemer, konveksjon, numeriske beregninger, plasmafysikk, romfysikk, selvorganiserte systemer, stokastisk modellering, væskedynamikk, turbulens

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Berit Kristoffersen is an Associate Professor in Political Science the Department of Social Sciences at UiT and Arctic Centre for Sustainable Energy (ARC). She leads the research project RENEW (connected to Smart Senja) and UiT sustainability comittee. As a political geographer by training, her research contributions have included work on state space, critical geopolitics, climate change and energy politics. Her work has been published in journal such as Geoforum, Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space, and Arctic Review on Law and Politics.

Her post-doc (finished 2017) focused on resource and tourism practices and PhD (2014) and master (2007) thesis' on the territorial, political and representational geographies of 'opening up' the Norwegian Arctic for oil and gas activities, themes that are still ongoing research subjects. At present her research is also focused on developing theory and methods for interdisciplinary and social sciences approaches to energy transition and supply-side climate policy perspectives.

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Power System Dynamics and Control, Distributed Power Generation and its Integration to Grid, Optimization Methods, Micro-Grids, Electric Vehicles, and Smart Grids.