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Jeg er professor i kommunikasjon og kulturfag og er ansatt på Institutt for reiseliv og nordlige studier, UiT Norges arktiske universitet. Min faglige bakgrunn er i kommunikasjon, media og kulturfag.

  • Kommunikasjon, medier og samfunn
  • Media og populærkultur
  • Makt og medierepresentasjoner
  • Sted, samfunn og media

Ongoing projects:
Intangiblization, Materializations and Mobilities of Kven Heritage: Contemporary Articulations in Fields of Family, Museums, and Culture Industry (WP Leader)
This project deals with contemporary Kven heritage and revitalization processes that take place in the intersection between commodification, political and institutional boundary making of different scale in Northern Norway today. Consortium: UiT, Ruija Kvenmuseum, Nicolaysen Film AS
Funded by: Forskningsrådet, SAMKUL-programmet

Sami Entrepreneurs and Research Collaboration (WP leader)
The overall objective is to address entrepreneurial innovation in Sami areas through research collaborations. Consortium: Norut, UiT, Dalarna University
Funded by: Regionalt forskningsfond Nord

Vandreutstilling med lokal forankring: Formidling, samhandling og flerstedlig dialog om forskning på kvensk/norskfinsk kulturarv (Researcher)
Samarbeid med Varanger museum, Alta museum, Nord-Troms Museum, Universitetsmuseet, samt andre museum og kvenske institusjoner
Funded by: Forskningsrådet, SAMKUL-programmet

Čatnat: Forskning med og for innovasjon i samisk reiseliv og kreative næringer (WP Leader)
Consortium: Nord Universitet og UiT
Funded by: Regionalt forskningsfond Nord


Completed projects:

Joint Higher Education on Northern Tourism (Project Leader)
The project aims to foster quality improvements, innovation and excellence of higher education on northern tourism, in the context of the Arctic region.
Consortium: UiT, University of Oulu, University of Lapland, University of Umeå, Vancouver Island University, Cape Breton Univerity, University of Iceland
Funded by: SIU High North Programme

Winter: New Turns in Arctic Winter Tourism (WP leader)
In this project we explore winter tourism developments in the Arctic linked to Winter Tourism Activities;  Event Tourism; Potensials and Barriers in Mass Tourism Developments; and Tourism Performances and Symbolic Meanings.
Consortium: UiT, Norut, University of Lapland, Cardiff Metropolitan University, University of Alaska, University of Utah, University of Iceland
Funded by: Forskningsrådet

Partnership for Sustainability: Arctic Tourism in Times of Change (Researcher)
Consortium: U of Lapland, U of Umeå, U of Iceland, U of Oulu, Cape Breton University, Vancouver Island University
Funded by: NordRegio

Path Development in Different Regional Settings. Regional Policy Approaches in the Global Economy (Researcher)
Consortium: AFI, IRIS, Norut Alta, Høgskolen i Bergen
Funded by: Forskningsrådet (VRI)

Forutsetninger for verdiskaping i råvarebaserte næringer: Lokale aktører sin posisjon og rolle i Nordiske periferier (WP Leader)
Consortium: Norut Alta, NordRegio, Norut Tromsø
Funded by: RFF Nord

Forankring og bærekraftig verdiskaping i råvarebaserte næringer? Lokale stabilisatorer’s posisjon og rolle i nordiske periferier (Project Leader)
Consortium: Norut Alta, NordRegio, Univ of Akureyri Research Centre
Funded by: Nordisk Ministerråd

Northern Insights. Service Innovation and Tourist Experiences in the High North: The Co-creation of Value for Consumers, Firms and the Tourism Industry (WP Leader)
Consortium: Nord universitet, Nordlandsforskning, UiT, Høgskolen i Harstad, Bioforsk, Norut Alta
Funded by: Forskningsrådet


Telefon: +4777645380

Media studies: Critical and materialist approaches to digital technologies

Film studies: War films, (neo)formalist approaches

Game studies: War games, (neo)formalist approaches

Border studies: Border technologies, border culture

Memory studies: Cultural and media memories


Please access my contributions to the academic blog Medienrealität (ed. Michael Meyen) here.


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Arbeidarrørslas historie, innvandringshistorie, region- og byhistorie, pressehistorie, den kalde krigen - globalt og i ein nordområdesamaheng, norsk-sovjetiske/russiske relasjonar, andre verdskrigen i ein  regional, nasjonal og internasjonal samanheng.