Bilde av Musubika, Sarah
Bilde av Musubika, Sarah
Senter for kvinne- og kjønnsforskning

Sarah Musubika

PhD Fellow


PhD fellow in Gender Research at Center for women’s gender research UiT Tromsø,

Member of ConGender Research group

Working on Gender and Diversity Perspectives in Academia 

Project objective: To map and analyze teaching methods, practices, course content, and literature, to see how gender and diversity play out in teaching and learning processes.

Project aim: To explore the above to understand how gender and minority disparities are (re)produced and how voices of all backgrounds are validated in teaching and learning discourses.

Project`s academic field: Feminist pedagogy, and the project is qualitative in nature. 


Book Chapter: Intersectionality:

Master of Philosophy in Indigenous Studies at UiT where I explored gender dimensions and changing gender roles in street begging amongst the Karamojong of  Uganda:

Master of Philosophy in Global Development-theory and practice at UiB where I explored the contemporary trends, empowering and disempowering aspects bride price among the Baganda of Uganda:

Research interests:

  • Gender and diversity research
  • Social policy and social stratification
  • Diversity in academia
  • Qualitative research methodologies
  • Indigenous and post-colonial research methodologies

  • Lisa Katrin Losleben, Sarah Musubika :
    Routledge 2023 DOI
  • Lena Gross, Ana Luisa Sanchez Laws, Hege Kristin Andreassen, Katrin Losleben, Lilli Mittner, Sarah Musubika m.fl.:
    Co* (Co-construction, co- production, co-design, co-creation)

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