Marianna Osokina

PhD candidate at the Norwegian College of Fishery Sciences


My doctoral project “Imagining technology for tomorrow: (co)shaping the next-generation fisheries technology in a multi-agent socio-technological network” is embedded in the FUTURES4Fish project “Adaptive socio-technological solutions for Norwegian fisheries and aquaculture”. My research focuses on processes of (co)shaping a novel fisheries technology driven by innovation-oriented digital automation of the industry, especially as they occur through sociomaterial and power relations. I am interested in the possible implications of digitalisation and automation for small-scale fisheries in Northern Norway, and the ways in which people perceive, experience, and adapt to the emerging technological reality.

  • Monika Abels, Marianna Osokina, Andrew Martin Kilale :
    Sharing food with infants in Hadza communities in Tanzania
    Infant Behavior and Development 2022 ARKIV / DOI

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    • anthropology of technology
    • human-technology interaction
    • social effects of automation and digitalization
    • autonomous systems
    • critical design thinking
    • fisheries as socio-eco-technological adaptive systems

    Member of research group CRAFT

    Medlem i prosjekt