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Eric Juskewitz



I am a resistance fighter; on the search for a new antibiotic. As a part of the AntiBioSpec/DigiBiotics program, I am focusing on small peptides that are similar to the human immune system. To do that I use mainly microbiological approaches.

My work divides into two topics at the moment:

Testing antibacterial properties of new compounds, provided by the AntiBioSpec/DigiBiotics program, against multi-drug resistant bacteria from the hospital.

I characterize newly synthesized compounds in regards of their antibacterial properties against bacteria of the ESKAPE-group. If I find a promising compound, the search for its target side in the bacteria begins. I zoom onto the molecular level and try to figure out where and how the compound is working.

Optimizing the standard antibiotic testing protocol.

The current testing to define the efficacy of an antibiotic (MIC) does not reflect the human body. I try to enhance the standard testing methods with supplements, which are presenting a more host-like environment. With that, I hope to obtain further insight of the “real” MICs of antibiotics.

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    I find bacteria fascinating, so small and yet highly structured. My greatest interest is to unravel the molecular basis of bacterial infections by pathogens.