Bilde av Ashraf, Muhammad Furqan
Bilde av Ashraf, Muhammad Furqan
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Muhammad Furqan Ashraf


  • Muhammad Furqan Ashraf :
    Entailing the Next-Generation Sequencing and Metabolome for Sustainable Agriculture by Improving Plant Tolerance
    International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2022 DOI
  • Quaid Hussain, Manjia Zheng, Wenwen Chang, Muhammad Furqan Ashraf, Rayyan Khan, Muhammad Asim m.fl.:
    Genome-Wide Identification and Expression Analysis of SnRK2 Gene Family in Dormant Vegetative Buds of Liriodendron chinense in Response to Abscisic Acid, Chilling, and Photoperiod
    Genes 2022 ARKIV / DOI
  • Muhammad Furqan Ashraf :
    Molecular Control and Application of Male Fertility for Two-Line Hybrid Rice Breeding
    International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2020 DOI
  • Ali Noman, Ansar Husssain, Muhammad Furqan Ashraf :
    CabZIP53 is targeted by CaWRKY40 and act as positive regulator in pepper defense against Ralstonia solanacearum and thermotolerance
    Environmental and Experimental Botany 2019 DOI
  • Muhammad Furqan Ashraf :
    Capsicum annuum HsfB2a Positively Regulates the Response to Ralstonia solanacearum Infection or High Temperature and High Humidity Forming Transcriptional Cascade with CaWRKY6 and CaWRKY40
    Plant and Cell Physiology 2018 DOI
  • Katja Hannele Karppinen, Hilary Edema, Muhammad Furqan Ashraf, Laura Elina Jaakola :
    Characterization of endo-1,4-glucanases from softening fruit for enzymatic depolymerization of cellulose
  • Katja Karppinen, Charlotte Bour, Muhammad Furqan Ashraf, Hilary Edema, Amos Samkumar Rajan Premkumar, Teemu H. Teeri m.fl.:
    Genome mining for plant cell wall degrading enzymes of plant origin
  • Quaid Hussain, Manjia Zheng, Muhammad Furqan Ashraf :
    Genome-wide identification, characterization and expression analysis of the ABA receptor PYL gene family in response to ABA, photoperiod, and chilling in vegetative buds of Liriodendron chinense
    Scientia Horticulturae 2022 DOI
  • Ansar Husssain, Liu Kaisheng, Ali Noman, Muhammad Furqan Ashraf :
    N-Methyltransferase CaASHH3 Acts as a Positive Regulator of Immunity against Bacterial Pathogens in Pepper
    International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2022 DOI
  • Wei Han-tian, Hou Dan, Muhammad Furqan Ashraf :
    Metabolic Profiling and Transcriptome Analysis Reveal the Key Role of Flavonoids in Internode Coloration of Phyllostachys violascens cv. Viridisulcata
    Frontiers in Plant Science 2022 DOI
  • Muhammad Imran, Saddam Hussain, Longxin He, Muhammad Furqan Ashraf :
    Molybdenum-Induced Regulation of Antioxidant Defense-Mitigated Cadmium Stress in Aromatic Rice and Improved Crop Growth, Yield, and Quality Traits
    Antioxidants 2021 DOI
  • Peng Guoqing, Ying He, Mumei Wang, Muhammad Furqan Ashraf :
    The structural characteristics and the substrate recognition properties of RNase ZS1
    Plant physiology and biochemistry (Paris) 2021 DOI
  • Ali Noman, Liu Zhiqin, Yang Sheng, Shen Lei, Ansar Husssain, Muhammad Furqan Ashraf :
    Expression and functional evaluation of CaZNF830 during pepper response to Ralstonia solanacearum or high temperature and humidity
    Microbial Pathogenesis 2018 DOI

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