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Repisky, Michal


Telefon: 776 23108
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Epost : michal.repisky@uit.no
Kontor/besøksadresse : REALF C 309A / Realfagsbygget
Funksjon : Forsker, Teoretisk kjemi, CTCC

Arbeider i CRIStin

  • Malkin, Elena; Komorovsky, Stanislav; Repisky, Michal; Demissie, Taye B.; Ruud, Kenneth. The Absolute Shielding Constants of Heavy Nuclei: Resolving the Enigma of the Sn-119 Absolute Shielding. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 2013; Volum 4 (3). ISSN 1948-7185.s 459 - 463.s doi: 10.1021/jz302146m.
  • Komorovsky, Stanislav; Repisky, Michal; Ruud, Kenneth; Malkina, Olga L.; Malkin, Vladimir G.. Four-Component Relativistic Density Functional Theory Calculations of NMR Shielding Tensors for Paramagnetic Systems. Journal of Physical Chemistry A 2013; Volum 117 (51). ISSN 1089-5639.s 14209 - 14219.s doi: 10.1021/jp408389h.
  • Jaszunski, Michal; Repisky, Michal; Demissie, Taye B.; Komorovsky, Stanislav; Malkin, Elena; Ruud, Kenneth; Garbacz, Piotr; Jackowski, Karol; Makulski, W. Spin-rotation and NMR shielding constants in HCl. Journal of Chemical Physics 2013; Volum 139. ISSN 0021-9606.s doi: 10.1063/1.4840295.
  • Demissie, Taye B.; Repisky, Michal; Komorovsky, Stanislav; Isaksson, Johan; Svendsen, John Sigurd; Dodziuk, H; Ruud, Kenneth. Four-component relativistic chemical shift calculations of halogenated organic compounds. Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry 2013; Volum 26 (8). ISSN 0894-3230.s 679 - 687.s doi: 10.1002/poc.3157.
  • Wodynski, Artur; Repisky, Michal; Pecul, Magdalena. A comparison of two-component and four-component approaches for calculations of spin-spin coupling constants and NMR shielding constants of transition metal cyanides. Journal of Chemical Physics 2012; Volum 137 (1). ISSN 0021-9606.s doi: 10.1063/1.4730944.
  • Østnes Hanssen, Kine; Schuler, Bruno; Williams, Antony J.; Demissie, Taye B.; Hansen, Espen; Andersen, Jeanette hammer; Svenson, Johan; Blinov, Kirill; Repisky, Michal; Mohn, Fabian; Meyer, Gerhard; Svendsen, John Sigurd; Ruud, Kenneth; Elyashberg, Mikhail; Gross, Leo; Jaspars, Marcel; Isaksson, Johan. A Combined Atomic Force Microscopy and Computational Approach for the Structural Elucidation of Breitfussin A and B: Highly Modified Halogenated Dipeptides from Thuiaria breitfussi. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 2012; Volum 51 (49). ISSN 1433-7851.s 12238 - 12241.s doi: 10.1002/anie.201203960.
  • Hrobárik, Peter; Repisky, Michal; Komorovsky, Stanislav; Hrobáriková, Veronika; Kaupp, Martin. Assessment of higher-order spin-orbit effects on electronic g-tensors of d (1) transition-metal complexes by relativistic two- and four-component methods. Theoretical Chemistry accounts 2011; Volum 129 (3-5). ISSN 1432-881X.s 715 - 725.s doi: 10.1007/s00214-011-0951-7.
  • Hrobárik, Peter; Hrobáriková, Veronika; Meier, Florian; Repisky, Michal; Komorovsky, Stanislav; Kaupp, Martin. Relativistic Four-Component DFT Calculations of H-1 NMR Chemical Shifts in Transition-Metal Hydride Complexes: Unusual High-Field Shifts Beyond the Buckingham-Stephens Model. Journal of Physical Chemistry A 2011; Volum 115 (22). ISSN 1089-5639.s 5654 - 5659.s doi: 10.1021/jp202327z.
  • Malkin, Elena; Repisky, Michal; Komorovsky, Stanislav; Mach, Pavel; Malkina, Olga L.; Malkin, Vladimir G.. Effects of finite size nuclei in relativistic four-component calculations of hyperfine structure. Journal of Chemical Physics 2011; Volum 134 (4). ISSN 0021-9606.s doi: 10.1063/1.3526263.
  • Komorovsky, Stanislav; Repisky, Michal; Malkina, Olga L.; Malkin, Vladimir G.; Ruud, Kenneth. Four-component relativistic calculations of NMR shielding tensors for paramagnetic systems. DiracMeeting 2013 2013-07-04 - 2013.
  • Komorovsky, Stanislav; Malkin, Elena; Repisky, Michal; Ruud, Kenneth. Redefining the absolute shielding scale of (not only) tin compounds. CTCC meeting 2013-01-31 - 2013.
  • Komorovsky, Stanislav; Repisky, Michal; Malkina, Olga L.; Malkin, Vladimir G.; Ruud, Kenneth. Four-component relativistic calculations of NMR shielding tensors for paramagnetic systems. EURACT NMR workshop 2013-07-18 - 2013.