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Norway and the Tar sand production in Canada

Forum for Development Cooperation with Indigenous Peoples and the Sami Church Council in Norway invites you all to a miniseminar  at the University of Tromsø 9 of May. The aim of the seminar is to focus on Norway's involvement in Tar sand production in Canada

Time: Wednesday 9 May at 9:15 to 11:30.
Location: UB Auditorium, University Library, University of Tromsø.

The Sami Church Council organizes together with WWF and Greenpeace, a tour with the Canadian First Nation  leader Francois Paulette. The Tar sand case raises questions in relation to the principle of «free, prior and informed consent», which is a fundamental principle of the UN Indigenous declaration, and was thoroughly discussed at the Forum conference in Tromsø in the autumn 2010. The fact that a Norwegian state-owned oil company is involved in this industry, and that the responsible minister recently rejected tar sands production as ethical dilemma, does not make it less relevant to look at the issue from the perspectives of Indigenous legal standards. Climate and Northern dimension is of course another issue.

Francois Paulette has played an important person in the indigenous rights struggle in Canada from the 70th century. He is from the indigenous area in Canada which is affected by tar sands production, and among the foremost proponents of indigenous peoples' resistance to this. He is also aware of Norway's indirect role in this through Statoil, which in 2010 brought him Stavanger, where he said the following to Statoil’s general meeting: "What you do with your money is not my business, but When you start to invest your money in my territory, it simply Becomes my business."

Den prisbelønte kanadiske dokumentarfilmen om oljesandproduksjonen i Canada, “Tipping Point”, gir god dokumentasjon av ulike konsekvenser ved oljesandproduksjonen. (Vist på NRK 1 i juni i fjor og igjen tilgjengelig på NRK nett-TV fram til 27. april: http://www.nrk.no/nett-tv/klipp/837007/ ). Paulette er en av hovedpersonene i filmen. Filmen vil bli vist på Verdensteateret i Tromsø på kvelden 8. mai, med panelsamtale med Paulette.

The award-winning Canadian documentary about the Tar sands production in Canada, "Tipping Point", provides good documentation of the various impacts of Tar sands production. (Shown on NRK last June and available on NRK Web TV until 27 April: http://www.nrk.no/nett-tv/klipp/837007/ ). Paulette is one of the main characters in the film. The film will be shown at “Verdensteateret” in Tromsø in the evening 8 May, followed by a panel interview with Paulette.

Tipping Point film shows that in addition to large greenhouse gas emissions and the natural environment poisoned the water in the Athabasca River. Local First Nation fishermen report about deformed fishes and the Indigenous community Fort Chipewyan is affected by a cancer epidemic. Industry and the provincial government of Alberta argued long that nothing was abnormal. Independent researchers in 2010 have discovered the opposite. Nearby Indigenous communities are hard affected. The poisoned water from tar sands production runs about 2000 kilometers through the immense Mackenzie River before it reaches the Arctic Ocean to the north. Therefore, if the massive tar sands resources are extracted as planned, large natural areas are affected and a great number of Indigenous communities are at risk of losing their livelihoods. The Church of Norway National Synod recently held gave support to claims that Statoil should pull out of the tar sands projects in which the company is involved.

Program 9 May 2012
09.15: Welcome and presentation of the organizers and presenter.
09.30: Lecture by Francois Paulette.
10.00: Comment
10:15: Break
10.30: Debate / Panel discussion
11.30: Closure

The seminar will be conducted in English. Map of campus at the University of Tromsø here


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Sist endret: 23.04.2012

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