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Report from The International Symposium ”Gender and Mobilities: Current Empirical, Theoretical and Methodological Perspectives” 2012

KVINNFORSK arranged an International symposium/PhD-course which took place at the University of Tromsø from June 18th to 20th. Gender researchers, primarily from African and Scandinavian countries, and from Canada shared their knowledge and experiences during the course of three intense days.

The Symposium/PhD-course was planned for almost a year, as part of KVINNFORSK’s gender and mobility focus. Our aim was to make a forum for different perspectives that are commonly related to problems concerning gender and mobility discussions today. In addition, the symposium was organized in a manner that allowed it to be acknowledged as a 5 credit PhD-course.

About 30 participants from various Nordic countries, Uganda, The United States, Canada, England besides PhD. students from UiT, made up a diverse group of International researchers and students.  

Due to a full and diverse program, combined with participants from different continents, the symposium became a professional milestone, especially for those participants without a great deal of international experience. In addition to being a meeting place for an International network of science, the symposium created relations between different academic environments in Africa, Norway, Canada, The United States and the other participating Nordic countries.

The symposium/PhD-course contributed to update Norwegian, Scandinavian and African participants on research in the field between gender research and mobility research. The symposium also became a forum between already established researchers, as well as newer participants in the field, through exchanging and developing understandings of gender in a mobility perspective.

The PhD-course gave 5 credits to the participating PhD-students. According to this, 20 lectures was given in addition to the students own presentations. A reading list was prepared, containing approximately 500pgs.

The symposium lasted three days and was consistent to the program. The symposium had three main subjects related to gender and mobility: “Current Empirical, Theoretical and Methodological Perspectives”. The final day was characterized by summing up and a plenary discussion.

Information about the symposium was spread through our networks in Norway and abroad.


Contact persons;
Scientific staff;
Siri Gerrard (Kvinnforsk)
Halldis Valestrand (ISS)

Technical/administrative staff;
Torunn Berger (Kvinnforsk)                                                                                              Marcela Douglas (Kvinnforsk)

Ansvarlig for siden: Ingrid Hovda Lien
Sist endret: 20.09.2012

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