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Residence and work permit

On this page you will find an overview of how employees from abroad can apply for a residence and work permits, national identity number, tax deduction card and bank account.

For more information about residence and work permits, please contact the Information Service at the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI): +47 23 35 16 00 (between 0900 and 1430). UDI has electronic brochures and application forms, which are available in many different languages.

If you visit www.udi.no, you will find information about residence and work in Norway, as well as links to the application form for a work permit.

Residence and work permit     

Application for work and residence permit, studies, family immigration, au pair, permanent residence permit, citizenship and registration for EU/EEA nationals must be registered online at UDI’s application portal https://selfsrvice.udi.no

You need to have pre-booked appointment to visit the Immigration Office . You can book an appointment only on the Internet (if you have submitted an application online  ) or phone +47 47 45 32 50. The phone line is open between 9- 11.30 am and 11.30 – 1 pm. Wednesday closed.Book appointment to hand in application documents. This also applies if you are getting your residence card or collecting your residence permit. You cannot book an appointment at the desk.

Opening hours

On Mondays and Fridays the Immigration Office at Tromsø Police Station will only be open for those who have applied online and booked an appointment via selfservice.udi.no.    Opening hours the rest of the week are Tuesdays and Thursdays 0815 am-2 pm, Wednesdays closed.  

 The applicant must bring both original documents and copies of all required documents to the appointment at the Police Station

1) Citizens from another Nordic country:

  • Do not require a residence and work permit

2) Citizens from EEA countries:

  • If you are an EEA citizen and have a valid ID card or passport, you have the right to stay in Norway for up to three months.
  • Citizens from an EU/EEA/EFTA country no longer need to apply for a residence permit, but shall instead register. To register, please visit: https://selfservice.udi.no/
  • You then need to visit the Police or a service centre for employees from abroad.
  • If you are coming to Tromsø, you need to go to the Tromsø Police Station.


Immigration Office, Tromsø Police Station, Grønnegata 122, 9008 Tromsø

Phone: +47 77 69 85 00  

Applicants must visit the Immigration Office at the Tromsø Police Station in person.

You must bring the following documentation: 

  • Passport or approved ID card
  • 2 passport photos
  • Proof of work (GP-7116 B) or an employment contract in line with the provisions of the Working    Environment Act.

For complete information, please visit the UDI page: Work and residence  

The EEA Agreement and EFTA Convention give citizens from member countries easier access to entry and residence in Norway. EEA/EFTA citizens may freely travel to Norway and start working immediately.

NB! If you are an employee from Romania or Bulgaria, separate transitional rules apply. You may still remain in Norway for three months or six months as a job seeker. Stricter requirements are imposed on the working conditions, but you may start working once you have submitted your application.

The processing time can vary somewhat, from 14 days up to one month. A work permit is issued in the form of an ID card.


Other foreign citizens:

You must apply for a residence and work permit at the Norwegian embassy or consulate in your homeland. Your application is then forwarded to UDI for processing.

As a general rule, you may not enter Norway or start working until your application (or a temporary entry visa/residence permit) has been approved. In other situations, we encourage the department to investigate the current rules with the Norwegian embassy/consulate in the relevant country.


  • The faculty/department must complete an “Offer of employment” and send the original version to the applicant personally. A description from the faculty/department about why the applicant is particularly suited for the position, along with an outline of the company’s activities (cf. point 3, “Offer of employment”) must be attached.
  • The form “First-time Residence or Work Permit” (GP-7028 E) shall be attached. This form must be completed by the applicant.
  • It is recommended that these documents are sent by express post.

The applicant shall visit the Norwegian embassy or consulate in their homeland in person.

It is advisable to make an appointment in advance. You must bring the following documentation:

  • Passport
  • 2 passport photos
  • 1 completed copy of the form “First-time Residence Permit”
  • 1 copy of ”Offer of employment”
  • 1 certified copy of your diploma

Processing time: It can take 3-4 months until processing of the application is complete (somewhat longer for applicants from Africa where the application period may take up to eight months).

In the first instance, a temporary visa is granted, and the applicant must enter Norway before this expires (approx. one month). On arrival in Norway, within 1-2 weeks (cf. instructions from the embassy) the applicant must visit the Immigration Office at the police station.

Immigration Office, Tromsø Police Station

Grønnegata 122          

9008 Tromsø

Phone: +47 77 69 85 00  

You must submit your passport, and your case will be processed further.


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